We're on the hunt for brand reps and we have exciting opportunities for creatives who want to push boundaries with us. 

We're looking for people who support the local creative movement, who understand Nifty Few's objectives and overall mission and are proud to represent the brand. 

Our Mission


To showcase New Zealand creative talent, to grow our community of like minded individuals to inspire one another and collaborate. We want our products and gear to inspire our community to keep pushing creative boundaries, to explore and create and to never stop creating. By wearing and representing our brand you are a part of the Nifty Few community. 

What makes me a good fit to be a Nifty Few Brand Rep. 

  • You will be passionate about the New Zealand creative scene and the Nifty Few brand and community 

  • You will enjoy inspiring others through your creative visual content

  • Skilled photographer/videographer with an eye for sleek content 

  • Active on social media and have an engaged audience 

  • Enthusiastic about Nifty Few's products, gear & events

What does a Nifty Few Brand Rep do? 

  • Represent Nifty Few by wearing gear & promoting to friends & family

  • Create content featuring Nifty Few gear

  •  Allow permission for the Nifty Few team to use your content on social media and promotional materials. 

  • Opportunities to contribute to blog posts + more

What will I get from being a Nifty Few brand rep? 

  • Brand Rep package containing free Nifty Few gear

  • Public recognition on Nifty Few social channels when content is shared

  • Attend our events for free

  • Exclusive family & friends product discounts

*Spaces have now been filled*

We may have more opportunities coming up in the future, if you would like to be in the loop please sign up to our mailing list.

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