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Updated: Feb 13

@thomasgreenphoto (Thomas Green) has recently joined our Street Team. Thomas's based in Wellington, New Zealand and he's a travel/landscape/portrait inspired photographer. We caught up with him and asked some quick questions to get to know more about the talent behind the camera...

Hey Thomas, how long have you been a photographer?

I've roughly been doing photography for around 4 years but started doing it professionally just over a year ago now.

What or who got you started in photography?

I originally had an eye for landscapes and photography so my phone camera was my best friend for a while until it came to around college where I could take it as a subject in year 11. My dad bought me a camera and I decided not to take photography as a subject because I didn't want to get taught "how to take a photo of a tree" so I then never really used my camera till about a year later. Since then I've never put it back down and four years later I'm now here.

Photographer/s who inspires you?  Landscape inspired: Sam Evans, Rach Stewart and Luke Stackpoole Creative inspired: Brandon Woelfel, Rachel Hau and Alex Varsa.

What’s in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Canon 6D that I have recently bought earlier in the year with that I have a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8, 50mm F/1.8, 17-40mm F/4, 35-80mm F/4 (modified into a 5cm macro lens) plus 2x Extender. I have a few extras like the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and the Gopro Hero 5

What's on your mind to purchase next & what would be your dream set-up?

Currently in my shopping cart, I have a Sigma 35mm F/1.4 and the Sigma 85mm F/1.4, also the big boy 6D Mk ii. BUT the big dream set up would be a dual set up with the Canon 6D Mk ii, and either 1DX mkii (iii when it comes out) or the 5D Mk IV (V when it comes out) at this point I'm waiting for the next few cameras to have a decision between them all.

How important is Photoshop and or Lightroom in your final images?

I sometimes over expose my images a lot because i have a certain style of editing landscapes but when I'm shooting i also think of what I want it to look like after post production. I've never have used Photoshop unless it's a serious composition or creative image but i always use Lightroom to touch images because it comes so naturally for me now.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography?

Don't overthink things! Practice plays a huge part in everything, and I still doubt myself a lot when it comes to photography but I never over think anything or relate myself to anyone. Another big point is you don't always have to have the gear, you learn as you go.

If you could go anywhere for one day with your camera, where would you go - what would you shoot...

100% Canada. It has been on my bucket list for so long, and I'm sure many people might know of Peter Mckinnion, ever since he went to Lake Louise that has been a huge inspiration to me plus all the other landscapes in the country are just too perfect.

How do you draw inspiration to be creative?

If I'm looking for a certain landscape, I usually stalk the place beforehand or jump on Instagram to look through people's posts or even before I get there to see what's the popular shot, because there's always a creative side of me that wants to be different from anyone else. When it comes to portraiture it's all in the moment i usually use objects, hands, phones etc. to get something I like.

Favourite songs on your playlist right now?

Music always plays a big part in my work, from editing to, in the moment of taking the photos and i always have the right music for the right moment! So my top songs to play on repeat are "4 me" - Mylky "Ghost" - Au/Ru, Alan Walker "Devil you Don't" - CXLOE.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?

Currently I'm doing my building apprenticeship, so in the next few years I would like to keep moving forward to complete that alongside keeping my part time job in photography eventually moving to wellington or Auckland to continue with my building job, or start a full time job in photography in Auckland. It opens up so many different opportunities for myself and other companies.

Your stuff is dope, where do we find more?

You can go straight to my Instagram @thomasgreenphoto

For the best of the best or my whole portfolio is on my website Tomsvisuals.co.nz

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